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My name is Judy. I am autistic and have ADHD.


I'm also a dynamic, empathetic, and thorough trainer, and I'm passionate about helping organizations understand and accommodate neurodivergence... not just to check a box, but to benefit from their employees' neurodivergent special skills.

I have decades of experience designing engaging, accessible, and effective communications and experiences. I've created many learning opportunities in the fields of leadership and management, accessibility and usability, communication, and DEI.


I've also done speaking, writing, and consulting work in the field of neurodivergence for professional associations such as the Learning Guild, ATD, USDLA, and TLDC, as well as clients in retail, event, financial, healthcare, and other industries.


I have an MBA and an MEd in instructional design for workplace learning.


I'm currently working on contributions to a book about creating accessible learning experiences, to be released in early 2025 by ATD Press.

Feel free to message me here or on the social sites below, or book a free consult to discuss your needs.

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